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Suzhou Kuratani Metal Co.,Ltd.
Suzhou Kuratani Metal Co.,Ltd.
China that grows up rapidly as production base in Asia. To accomplish the responsibility of power supply of the aluminum construction materials to which demand rose as a highly developed aluminum processing technology manufacturer, Kuratani Group installed the production base in Suzhou. Suzhou Kuratani Metal Co.,Ltd. is supplying the product of a high quality in compliance with the aluminum construction materials demand that increases rapidly.

Company Overview
Our company develops widely with the construction of the aluminum stainless steel steel that accompanies the exterior and interior of a general building construction materials (It bends, and R bend and weld) it, and the design, production, construction, and the delivery. Moreover, I will have pride that the characteristic and how to treat aluminum have been well informed, and correspond to the product that requires a small, complex technology a lot now.

Registered NameFSuzhou Kuratani Metal Co.,Ltd.
PresidentFSumihiro Kuratani
EstablishmentFJanuary 2006
AddressF1-A, Japanese industrial village, QingChengShan Road

                 New District, Suzhou, JiangSu, P.R.China 215153
                 TEL +86-512-6607-8770   FAX +86-512-6607-1889
Product introduction
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    Aluminum Processing & Sales

Main Equipment
Set Press1units
Turret Punch Press1units
Press Brake2units4,000
Roll bender1units
CNC milling machine1units4,000
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